Joana Correia - writes under the pseudonym of Ondina Maria. Passionate about food (both cooking and eating), traveling, photography, writing and reading, interior decoration, music, sports, art and architecture, jewelry and antiques. Worked as an Environmental technician at Desco SA for the Pirelli Group and currently works as an Environmental Health and Safety Manager at Associate Laboratory IBMC.INEB.

Marco Miranda - writes under the pseudonym of VelSatiS. Passionate about cars, food, traveling, photography, music and sports. As a barman has worked at Club Med, Meltemi and Athens Gate hotels, in Greece, at Gordon Ramsey’s Boxwood at The Berkeley Hotel in London, at The Yeatman Porto Hotel and at the Boavista Hotel in Porto. More recently he worked at Maus Amigos Gastropub, and Champanheria da Baixa. At the moment he works at Venham Mais Cinco.

As a team, we write Coentros&Rabanetes, a portuguese blog dedicated to healthy and honest home-made food with a mediterranean twist.

The blog was born out of the need to write down the recipes we cook in our very crammed kitchen. Ondina is a sweet-tooth while Vel is a savoury guy. We love food, travelling, photography, writing and styling which means the blog is our lab to experiment and create. Join us in our culinary adventures, we really hope you like our work and we do appreciate you being there.


We use a Canon 600D with a Canon 18-55/3.5-5.6 lens and a Canon 50/1.8 lens. Lately we also have been using some of our Instagram account photos, taken both with iPad Mini or iPhone 6.


All photographs and content on this blog are our property and may not be used without our permission. Any content posted that is not of our authorship is properly identified.
If you want to use some of our photos on your personal blog or website, please contact us first. For commercial use, prints, and/or freelance work please contact us.


All the opinions expressed are personal and honest. 
When writing about restaurants, we pay for our meals and never reveal we are doing a review. 
All products mentioned are what we use at home. We only advertise what we consider to be relevant for the recipe and for our followers. If you want to send us products for testing or revising, they might not be advertised on the blog unless we consider them appropriate and in accordance with our personal beliefs, as well as appropiate to the blog's content.
Invitations for events, workshops and showcookings are welcome as long as they are reasonable (meaning we will not work for free, unless for charity purposes).

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  1. nice blog.... thanks for including me :)

  2. thank you for your kind offer joana
    i am looking forward to getting your carob flour
    i think it would be great to compare the different carobs of different parts of europe (crete, and portugal)
    so i will make two loaves in the same way, and taste them for differences
    is carob a common ingredient in portugal? we dont relaly use it these days, but it is coming back into fashion in crete and is promoted for health purposes
    do you want my email address? mverivaki@hotmail.com

  3. Que gira foto! Ponte romana de Chaves, certo?


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